About us

We are Djurwa (pronounced Jurwa). In Dharawal language our name means “to grow”.
We chose the word Djurwa, because it is tied to cultural burning. When our people stayed in an area for a period of time, we would conduct a cultural burn before moving on, so the country rejuvenated to its natural state, leaving no trace or evidence that we had been there.

What we focus on

Our business strategy is people-focused, providing opportunities to rejuvenate our Country and our communities. We are a recycling and waste management company with people, community and the environment at our heart.
We provide end-to-end waste management and recycling services to building & demolition and commercial and industrial customers in New South Wales and Victoria, helping them to realise both their recycling and social procurement goals.
Djurwa is extremely proud to be Supply Nation Registered Indigenous Joint Venture. Djurwa is also certified with Kinaway Chamber of Commerce, the leading Victorian organisation dedicated to supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners in Victoria.

Joint venture partners

Yalagan Group

Founded in 2017 by proud Yuin Man Nathan Martin (2021 Supply Nation Young Indigenous Entrepreneur of the Year Winner), Yalagan is an Aboriginal owned-and-operated, multi-disciplinary company that is supporting some of Australia’s leading resource, infrastructure and construction companies as well as government agencies, offering specialised Indigenous focused solutions as a leading Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Group Training Organisation (GTO) and transitional employment pathways.

Nathan Martin, CEO and Founder
In 2016 Nathan started working alongside the Tribal Warrior Organisation, taking part in the amazing “Never Going Back” Program,  where he went from parole in the program to become a leading mentor. He participated in programs designed to help community members to stay away from negative social influences and provide opportunities for work and training in culturally safe and supportive environments. In March 2017, Nathan created Yalagan Group, with the hopes of providing sustainable employment pathways and training opportunities for Aboriginal people who might not find it elsewhere – those who have experienced long-term unemployment or those just coming out of prison. Now Yalagan Group is a leading national RTO, GTO and transitional employment specialist, but always with a focus of supporting the disadvantaged or underrepresented.

To find out more: www.yalagangroup.com

BINGO Industries

Through our joint venture partner BINGO Industries, we have access to advanced recycling facilities and one of the largest fleet of collections vehicles in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

BINGO is an industry leader in recycling and end-to-end waste management services for building and demolition and commercial and industrial waste.

BINGO's priority is supporting governments, communities and businesses in achieving sustainable outcomes for waste through providing innovative recycling solutions.

The BINGO team are experts in sustainable resource recovery, recycling and disposal, operating one of the largest networks of recycling facilities in New South Wales and Victoria. BINGO’s network of trucks, bins, advanced recycling centres and disposal assets are helping customers and communities in reducing the cost of waste disposal and its impact on the environment.

BINGO is proud to partner with Yalagan to generate meaningful employment and training opportunities and deliver best practice recycling and waste management services to help customers realise their social procurement and recycling goals.

To find out more: www.bingoindustries.com.au