Commercial waste

Our commercial waste and recycling solutions provide efficient and sustainable waste
and recycling services that you can reply on.  
We’ll take the time to understand your needs and customise a waste management
solution that’s designed specifically for your business.

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Fluorescent tube disposal

A variety of bins available for the safe and proper disposal of fluorescent tubes.

Ink cartridge disposal

Special bins to dispose used ink cartridges. These will be delivered to you and Djurwa will manage the collection and safe disposal.

Medical waste disposal

Waste container for the collection and disposal of clinical & pharmaceutical waste, cytotoxic waste, sharps, x-rays, mercury, sterile wrap, single-use medical devices and hospital theatre plastics.

Sharps disposal

Containers are provided for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sharps.

Sanitary bins

Disposal of personal hygiene products. Waste disposal services are provided with each unit.

Secure document destruction and bins

We have a good range of secure and lockable bin types. These services can be scheduled on or on a as-needed basis.

Types of waste

Not only can we handle most waste streams, we can help you with a tailored solution including tips and education, to help you reduce your waste costs and recycle more. From a wide range of bins and equipment to the safe removal of hazardous materials, we provide waste and recycling services to a range of businesses including hospitality, retail, manufacturers, health, education, utilities and property managers.

Waste comes in all shapes and sizes and so do our bins and solutions.