Djurwa Indigenous Recycling and Waste Management kicking goals with help of customers

Since its inception, Djurwa has secured a number of large contracts, launched its website and first collections vehicles and skips in NSW/VIC

Nathan Martin, Managing Director of Indigenous recycling and waste management business Djurwa started the company with a vision to build something different, something that would see positive change for his community.

Nathan approached BINGO with a proposal through his already successful people resourcing business Yalagan Group to build a business founded on the principles of respect, collaboration and impact, with a profit-for-purpose focus.

Since its conception, Djurwa has been kicking goals. Now with its head office located in Alexandria, Sydney, Djurwa has secured a number of large contracts, launched its website and first collections vehicles and skip bins in Sydney and Melbourne.

“We’re really proud of what we have achieved in our first year of operation. With the support of the BINGO team, we’ve met and developed relationships with a great group of customers,” Nathan Martin said.

“Our customers are looking to work with an Indigenous business partner that is committed to making a difference and delivering real change for Aboriginal people in our communities,” Nathan said.

“They are excited by the social engagement programmes we are developing and the focus for the coming year is to deliver these programs and demonstrate the positive impact we can make,” he said.

What has Djurwa achieved so far?

Additional opportunities for Aboriginal ex-offenders

Through Yalagan’s training and recruitment operations, several opportunities have already been created at BINGO for Aboriginal ex-offenders in our NSW operations. With the support of BINGO’s Indigenous Engagement Officer Natalie Davies and the Yalagan team, rehabilitated offenders have been given employment and additional support tohelp with their transition back into life after prison.

Djurwa REvive Program

One program that the Djurwa team have been working to develop is REvive a prison release program, where participants in the last year of their sentence are employed at BINGO and complete certificate III training in process manufacturing. The team have been working with Correctional Services in NSW to develop the program which is now in its final stages before launch and will be a key focus of activities this year.

What’s next for Djurwa?

Recently, the Djurwa team came together to hold a strategy planning workshop and with the help of BINGO’s strategy team, have worked through what the strategy and focus for the coming year should be.

“While we know there are some economic challenges at the moment, Djurwa is well placed to win some quality work under the state and Federal governments Indigenous procurement policies,” Djurwa Director and BINGO Chief Development & Stakeholder Officer, Chris Gordon said.

“The team agreed the focus for the coming year is to deliver Djurwa’s social programs – REvive and Owner/Operator programs, mature Djurwa’s systems and process and continue to grow Djurwa’s fleet, bin stock and team,” he said.

“Djurwa is a real example of what can be achieved between Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses when you share a vision. Djurwa is a true collaboration between passionate business partners and Djurwa a dedicated group of individuals that want to make a difference for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly vulnerable groups like ex-offenders,” he said.

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